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The Clinical Journal

Future Generation Inherit New Inventions.

Dr. Khalsiah, M.Hum

Chief of Clinical

Dr. Nurul Fadhillah, M.Hum

Manajer Assistance

Marina, M.Ed.

Journal Assistance

Dini Rizki, M. Tesol

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Suhaili Sahibul Muna

Web Developer

Prof. Dr. Herman Mawengkang


Dr. Halim Akbar


Prof. Yayat Ruhiyat


About Clinical Journal

The Clinical journal was established mainly as an attempt to provide assistance and services for authors of academic articles in preparing their piece of academic writing into a form of a journal article that fulfills the requirements for publication.

Our main objective is to encourage and help as many authors as possible to produce and publish their papers of their original researches and be accepted in highly reputated journals.

Working with some experts of various fields as initial reviewers, the clinic provides services of initial article review to improve the quality of the papers before being submitted to the international journals.

We also help with plagiarism check consultation, translation, and proofreading.

The Clinical journal also offers service of consultation in organizing both online and offline international conferences. We have worked with a number of institution and have successfully conducted international conferences offline and online with the output of proceedings and publication in international journals.